Introducing A Purple Polka Dotted Rambler, A Risk-taking Chancer. Terrible Gambler, and a lowly Romancer.

A 2 part Exhibition of Artwork, Photography and other mediums depicting a fictional tale in which
Tens of thousands of pounds have already been Spent, Drank, Gambled and even Buried.
Including familiar visits to Cells, Cemeteries, Old Haunts and Hospitals along the River and into a Purple Sea of Doubt.

Introducing to anyone who may be interested, intrigued or perplexed to the life and crimes
of a fictional Character behind a story with pictures.
A small insight and background to some of the inspirations and multi-layered concepts of allowing a
Destructive Alias behind the Wheel.

If you are Interested roaming in both Back and Bowling Alleys, Classic Cars, Gambling, Del Boy Dealings, Women,
Alcohol, Dive Bars, Casino's, Sleeping on the Streets, Nightlife Or anything from the last show 'The Real Me'
then this Exhibition might be worth a look.

**Disclaimer - Not all (if any) of the following events are based on Fact**
This Exhibition is based on a fictional Character - and is NOT to be taken too Seriously******
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