Teenage Dream (Whatever happened to?)

Acrylic, Emulsion & Tea on canvas (62 x 78cm)
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This picture was done in the style of Roger Hargreaves who was and still is one of my favorite artists of all time.
I wanted to tell a story in a similar manner to the way he told his. A simple picture with a more serious message behind it - Which simultaneously appeals to all ages.

I wanted a kid of any age to like the picture visually and an adult to see past that and like the picture for the context it was in.

The tags on the inside of the door relate to people who may of been in a similar situation to Grandfather Clock, (who is a lesser known character of Roger Hargreaves). Grandfather clocks trick or talent is that he can turn into a clock or more technically the Time.

Some graffiti writers sometimes end up in a situation like 'Grandfather Clock' - As in they themselves turn into a set of numbers and the time. Also that sometimes they don't get the 'fame' of some of the other characters/graffiti writers in time gone by...

I used cold tea in the painting on the door and on the floor for a number of different reasons, One being that when i was in a similar situation - i used to put drawings on the floor and splash tea onto them for colour.

The book the character is reading is used to represent a persons memory. As people have been recording their life experiences through books since the dawn of day. The character although in a shit situation is smiling to himself whilst he reads through his 'rainbow coloured memories'.

I named the painting 'Teenage Dream' (whatever happened to?) after the song by Marc Bolan - As it was the original inspiration behind the picture.
Also because Marc Bolan was another one of these 'characters' that was never represented in the way he wished, nor destined to ever gain the respect & understanding he spent his life looking for.