Uniform Men

Uniform Men - Print & Watercolour (edition of 7)
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I wanted to create one figure to represent a range of Authoritative Companies and Organizations.

I started by drawing a lightning bolt representing both power and danger in one, whilst turning it into a man running - wearing a uniform.

I Kept the man faceless (without an identity) as anyone could be or can become part of any authority - A man without a face cannot be held accountable for anything they may not wish to be.

The full set of unform men ascending in Rainbow colour represents as 1 .Non-Conformists - 2. Police - 3. Labour - 4. Network Rail. 5. liberal democrats - 6. Army - 7. Conservative

Only the colour of the uniform makes them detectable from each other

I put them up with the Conservative man on his own. As at the time they were framed was the same time as when the Conservative party had won the most votes in this year's election but not the overall majority.Which resulted in a hung parliament where no party was able to command a majority in the House of Commons. So although they were out in front and winning - they were potentially alone and losing

All running in the same direction - all after the same thing