'The Thief' - Part 1.

Stealing an Original idea by Olimpia Zagnoli of an image of a Thief stealing a painting.
- Adjusting it accordingly, and turning the image and concept into reality**  photo t22_zps93b4e690.jpg

The Original image idea below was stolen from an Italian Artist named Olimpia Zagnoli.

 photo t9_zps5f45d73e.jpg
After seeing the original design and deciding to 'Steal' the idea of the image of a Thief stealing the picture
(much to my own amusement and visual pleasures)

Beginning by changing the original Red/Black/White colour scheme with a Purple/Black/White one.
Looking at the text throughout the image - The bottom part reminded me of the old famous saying
'The Quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.'

This then corresponded in the replacement of the faceless original figure with the wise, smart and so he thought 'Quick brown fox'
(Subtlety depicting similarities from the original 'Fantastic Mr Fox')

 photo 4a_zps49065383.jpg

Once the words had been taken into account and turned into the subject matter -
Deciding to turn the text into his signature 'polka dots.'
Although to me these aren't just Dots.

 photo 1a_zps0b703565.jpg

Many Moons ago - Gypsies used to equally space and uniform the same sized dots repeatedly to actually represent the Moon.
Something that was quite special and important to them.
So in this case 27 + 1 Moons were hand-painted to represent age. One for each year plus the one he was currently living in...

 photo 2a_zpsc76d45cc.jpg
 photo t7_zpsb84258f6.jpg
 photo 3a_zpsedc923d3.jpg

Then adding at hint of Magic into his Eye.

 photo thief222_zpsed35d93a.jpg

Once the painting was completed he contacted Olimpia Zagnoli with the above information - And received no Reply.

 photo tt_zps157a305d.jpg